FocalPoint Frequently Asked Questions

1 How much will a photo shoot by FocalPoint cost me?
FocalPoint offers competitive pricing with different packages and additional features to suit your needs that range from stills-only up to a full feature video tour. Please contact us for pricing information. FocalPoint is the best bang for your buck! Other services can’t give you the type of customer service coupled with fantastic images and video that FocalPoint will!
2What makes FocalPoint photos better than if I do them myself?
There are many things, but first of all… You’re a Realtor. You are great with people, and great at selling homes, and you need as much time as possible to focus on your sellers and buyers, and selling homes! Time is valuable and it never seems like there is enough, am I right? Now… photos. FocalPoint has the equipment to do the job right, and by right, that means bright, sharp photos that capture the essence of every room throughout a home by having a camera system that is customizable to any room and situation. Cell phones and point-and-shoot cameras can’t do this. FocalPoint uses off-camera lighting to ensure that every room is properly lit. Knowing the best angles to shoot at, and having an eye for what best shows a room goes a long way too! Many Realtors think that their photos are “good enough” or “just fine”. Your sellers want and need the BEST representation of their home on the listing. FocalPoint does this for you and saves you tons of time in the process so that you can do what you do best, and that is typically not the photography bit.
3How long does a listing photo shoot take?
For a typical stills-only photo shoot you should allow for 1 – 1.5 hours to complete. Time is dependent on the size of the property, and the package. Homes larger than 3000 sq. ft. and in-home video production take longer
4How long does it take to get my photos after a photo shoot?
Standard turn-around time is 24 hours… As fast or faster than anyone in the industry, BUT most of the time the wait is much shorter. We know you want to get that listing up and buyers pouring in so every effort is made to make the photos available as soon as possible. It will always be less than 24 hrs, but many times it is as fast as 4-6 hours! Now, that’s fast!
5How do I get my photos once FocalPoint has taken them?
You will receive a link via email to download all of your photos for the shoot. Easy as that! This link will remain active as long as the home is on the market, and hey, we all make mistakes… so with this link, you can always go back and retrieve the photos again if you lose or delete them on accident. Remember though… These photos are for you, not for other realtors or parties. See our Image Copyright Info via link at the bottom of the page for more clarification.
6What areas does FocalPoint service?
FocalPoint “home base” is the OKC Metro area (Yukon, OK to be exact). FP services a standard area that includes the entire OKC metro area at a 35 mile range from Yukon OK. If a property is outside of 35 miles one-way (which most are not), there will be a small charge of $.60 per mile that exceeds the 35 mile range.

I.E. – A One way trip of 40 miles = a round trip of 80 miles (that’s 10 additional miles round trip) at $.60 per additional mile (.60 x 10 additional miles) = $6.00 additional charge.

NOTE: While most properties do not fall outside of this range, FocalPoint wants to be able to service outlying areas as well, and this small charge for fuel and the extra time it takes makes this possible. You’re understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
7What can FocalPoint do for my business?
You mean besides saving you tons of time to focus on your main tasks? Glad you asked! If you’re a Realtor, FocalPoint is a fantastic partner to have for your real estate business! Stunning photos put your listings at the forefront of your marketing with quality appeal and attractiveness that other listings suffer from the lack of. Also, partnering with FocalPoint and making known to your clients that you have a professional service that does your photography and helps with your marketing shows professionalism and that you are serious about doing what it takes to sell homes!
FocalPoint adds some serious value to your brand as well as your image and makes you more marketable as a Realtor. If you are a builder, the same principle applies to the incredible images and stunning representation of your builds.
Eye catching images = more people coming in to see your homes = more potential to sell (that’s FP math ). If you are a homeowner, just subtract the Realtor and Builder from the equation and you get the same effect. Everyone understands right? It’s pretty clear. You need to sell — FP can help with that and make you look good doing it.
8Do I own all rights to the photos I receive from FocalPoint?
The photos taken by FocalPoint are the intellectual and creative property of FocalPoint LLC. As the end user, you own the rights that allow you to market the photos as defined in the FocalPoint Terms of Service Agreement. You own the rights to use the photos so far as marketing the property on the MLS, and other listing sites like Zillow and others. You may use the photos for printed material like your own flyers as well, but this DOES NOT give permission to share the photos with other Realtors, builders, the homeowner, or any other parties.
Other parties can obtain a release of license for usage of the photos for themselvesd by contacting FocalPoint. Please see the Image Copyright Information and the FocalPoint Terms of Service Agreement below.