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FocalPoint is a service designed to provide real estate professionals in the Oklahoma City metro area with time saving, cost effective photography, marketing, and video tour solutions to maximize exposure and reduce your listing’s time on the market. Every extra minute gained allows you to invest in finding and marketing the next property. FocalPoint frees up hours normally spent on taking photos and gives you a high quality solution and powerful extra time to do what you do best… Sell homes!

“FocalPoint is locally owned and operated, and was founded right here in OKC. Don’t use a national company where you are a number or overpay for outsourced services. Stay local where you are a partner and where you deal directly with me, the owner, who works hand in hand with you to further your business and put your homes in the best position to sell. I know you will be pleased with the results!”

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Why FocalPoint?

90% or more of homebuyers start their search on the internet which means that appealing listings are of paramount importance. With buyers searching the internet for homes, your listing photos are the first and maybe the most important line of marketing for your properties, and making sure that your photos are of the highest quality is key to attracting sales and improving your business image. Your clients deserve great listings with great photos. Not listing photos taken with a phone! Listings with professional photos get more clicks and more clicks means more potential buyers which means a higher chance of sale, not only faster, but for the best price! Not only does FocalPoint save you time and help make your listings more effective, it also enhances your business image which improves your chances of increased clientele, leading to more sales! Don’t lose potential buyers because of poor listing photos. Let FocalPoint provide you with a stunning alternative!

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  • I've been a client of FocalPoint for several years now.  It’s always been a good experience, as this company is very caring,  professional, and punctual.  They are flexible when given precise instructions or suggestions and quick to acknowledge and respond to my requests.  FocalPoint’s  photos are second to none.  I appreciate the care that is given while shooting, when the need arises to move/arrange items so the photo captures the mood or light of the room for the best possible picture.  FocalPoint is prompt in getting the finished photos to me along with their invoice so I can easily pay online.  I would certainly recommend FocalPoint for your photo needs.  
    Sylvia McKellar
    Metro First @ Lake Hefner
  • "I was referred to Marshall at FocalPoint from a friend.  I’ve used FP exclusively on all of my real estate listings since our introduction. I’ve seen an increase in my sales since then and it can only be attributed to the high quality photography that clients are seeing in my online marketing.  In addition to the great photography, I’m pleased with how professional they have been. Scheduling is seamless as well as the easy method of downloading and even paying for the photos.  I would recommend FocalPoint to anyone that has a need for professional photography as they have earned my business for the long haul!"
    Otis Himes
    Whittington Realty
  • “Before I started using FocalPoint Real Estate Photography, my listing appointments took hours!  I would take what seemed liked hundreds of photos just to get 20-30 good ones.  With FocalPoint doing my listing photography, my sellers love the pictures and whenever someone sees them on the internet, the response is always “your pictures are so bright”.  Thank you FocalPoint for giving me one more advantage to get my listings “SOLD”!
    Angela Rogers
    RE/MAX Gemini
  • "We first came to use FocalPoint on a trial basis to improve the quality of the media for our listings. We are a high-volume team with a wide range of listings. The quality, performance and client service of FocalPoint is absolutely unmatched. Currently, we use FocalPoint exclusively and have never entertained a complaint of picture or media. Our clients love the casting of their homes in amazing light! Since making the change in photographers, we have seen a significant decrease in days on market. Our listings are performing better than ever and we see only improvement to come! As a vendor, it has been our pleasure to work with FocalPoint. It is extremely rare to find such attention to detail, kindness, or genuine integrity at a high-volume level. Each photo shoot has individual attention and a goal of the best possible product for us as well as the client’s desire for the marketing of their home. We can blindly trust the quality and delivery of only the best. This is invaluable in our industry and we hope to reap the benefits of it for many years to come!"
  • "I had listed a home for just under $200,000 that I photo’d myself. I always felt like I took pretty decent pictures.. The house was on the market for over 8 months despite the different marketing I was doing and multiple price adjustments. Rather than ask the seller for yet another price reduction, I decided to spend a little money on professional photos, just to see if that would make any difference. I called Marshall at FocalPoint and he came out and re-shot the entire home and helped me switch out all the photos on the various listing websites, flyers, virtual tour, and MLS. I immediately saw an uptick in activity and within 3 weeks the seller had a solid offer. Making that decision turned a listing I almost lost into a closed sale. I only wish I would have had used FocalPoint at the beginning of the listing process. I will from now on!"
  • “It’s been said that a Realtor ‘wears many hats’ which is true, but one of those hats shouldn’t be that of a photographer. Marshall at FocalPoint has the eye and equipment for just the right shot, just the right angle and just the right lighting that my clients and my listings deserve. The amount of time I spent taking pictures of my listings and then cropping and enhancing those photos was very frustrating for me since I wasn’t able to get the pictures to turn out the way I wanted. I used to pride myself in my real estate photography until I had the chance to see what this service could do to enhance my listings. In that moment I knew I needed to partner with FocalPoint to provide the very best real estate experience for my sellers. A picture speaks a thousand words and FocalPoint Real Estate Photography helps my listings sell faster!”