Custom Flyers

FocalPoint can also design you a custom flyer for your property!  Pick from one of several great designs and FP will plug in your photos and information, or have a flyer exclusively designed for your business for a one time fee, and have brand recognition at every one of your properties.  Custom flyers will be an attractive advertising and information medium that will not only be eye catching, but it will be remembered when it comes time for prospective buyers to make their short list of homes to visit.

Flyers can be that last point of contact before a potential buyer makes the decision to tour the home or not.  A bad flyer can deter a buyer with poor photographs and distasteful design, and it can come off as unprofessional and cheap if not designed well.  On the other hand, a great flyer can do all of the opposite!  A flyer with stunning photos can further attract buyers to tour a home, and a professional looking and well designed flyer can also bolster your brand and your business image.

Before you decide to design that flyer yourself with clip art and photos taken from your phone or point-and-shoot camera, think about how a FocalPoint flyer, adorned with FocalPoint photos might have a more lasting and positive appeal.  Think about not only wowing a potential buyer, but reasserting your brand with a professional looking piece of marketing that will do more to gain you business rather than lose it.



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